Empowering Engineers to Make Faster, More Effective Design Decisions and Reduce Manual Workloads

Configuration Lifecycle Management for Engineering helps reduce modeling time, manage more products with the same resources and empowers the transition from ETO to CTO.
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Consolidate, Compile, Consume: The Three Steps to a Shared Source of Configuration Truth
June 27, 2024, 10:00 a.m. EDT / 4:00 p.m. CEST
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Reduce Manual Work on Design Modeling and BOM Updates While Eliminating Configuration Errors Due to ‘Copy/Paste’​ ​
Manufacturers today are struggling to keep up with growing product complexity as advanced product options, customer preferences and new technologies are placing increased pressure on traditional linear Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes. This leaves engineers spending endless time on repetitive tasks and manual handovers due to the lack of automation of the configuration process cross-functionally.​ ​​

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a powerful set of tools that enhances your existing PLM to manage the complexity in defining, managing, and analyzing product configuration rules at scale. Reducing modeling time, being able to manage more products with the same resources, and smoothing the transition from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order - all with fewer manual processes and no errors.​

Key Benefits

Faster Time to Market - Higher Quality Products -​ Lower Costs ​

With Configit’s Enterprise Product Configurator, you can automate many of the tedious day-to-day and design activities by creating one shared view of the product configurations you offer. This can be used by sales, engineering, and throughout the enterprise, and integrated with your business-critical systems such as PLM, CAD, ERP, CRM and more.​ ​

With a structured release cycle process, including powerful validation and quality assurance, your new product updates are quickly released to your internal functions and to the external market.​ ​

Our customers align sales, engineering and manufacturing to bring products to the market up to 92% faster and with zero errors.​ ​ ​

More products, some resources, 90% less effort

From ETO to CTO

In order to grow, companies need the ability to scale their processes.​ ​

For manufacturers of complex, configurable products, working from the standard Engineer-to-Order process is inefficient, slow and costly.​ ​

By re-using product models, you can transition from 100% ETO to a more scalable solution, using up to 80% Configure-to-Order that standardizes the most-requested combinations for faster delivery at less cost.​ ​ ​

availability of standard product and features from months to weeks

Enhance Your PLM

​ Growing product complexity is challenging existing PLM systems. ​

​ Configuration Lifecycle Management enables PLM systems to scale to meet the growing complexity of products without impacting existing system installations and processes. CLM provides the basis for close collaboration between departments in the design of new products by establishing a Shared Source of Truth on all product configuration options from production to manufacturing to sales. ​ ​

This provides product designers and engineers with invaluable insight into logistic, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service challenges with expert input from other functional departments as well as supply-chain partners, vendors and even customers themselves.​

​ Leveraging PLM with Configuration Lifecycle Management creates a cross-functional Shared Source of Truth for greater configuration analysis, Bill-Of-Material (BOM) validation, and collaborative modeling.​ ​ ​ ​

95% reduction in product modeling time

How to Add an Intelligence Layer to Your PLM


Watch to learn how to leverage PLM with Configuration Lifecycle Management to Create a Single Source of Truth


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