Arm Your Salespeople with a Powerful and Scalable Sales Configurator

Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales offers an advanced sales configuration and guided selling solution for manufacturers of complex products.
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Speed Up Your Sales Cycle, Increase Customer Satisfaction, and Eliminate Configuration Errors
Delivering an accurate, competitively priced quote, the first time, can often be the difference between an opportunity won or lost. Empowering your sales teams with the right technology for this process is critically important.

Most CPQ solutions are front-office solutions, decoupled from the complex back-office realities of engineering, manufacturing, maintaining, and servicing complex products. Today’s complex products require a more robust change and configuration management process that guarantees a seamless transition from quote to order to reduce time to market, accelerate sales cycles and optimize customer experience.

By enhancing your CPQ with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), you can govern your product offering, support multiple sales channels with best-in-class user experience and deliver accurate quotes.

Key Benefits

Bigger Deals - Faster Closing - More Profit

With Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales, your sales reps have a powerful tool that provides transparency of your complete solution space, allowing them to capitalize on upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Sales can only quote what can be designed and built, based on Sales and Engineering, creating an aligned product definition. Our multi-patented Virtual Tabulation® technology, guarantees all configuration options shown are available and valid, so no going back to the customer with errors or rework.

Providing your sales team with an enterprise-grade sales configurator capable of managing complexity in the most customizable products simplifies sales, improves efficiency and saves millions of dollars by using a single integrated configuration engine across all sales channels.

up to 80% faster sales configuration

Harmonize Your Sales Channels

Whether you want to serve one, or multiple sales channels, our solution will scale with your needs.

By using the same product definitions for dealers, resellers, customer self-service, internal sales or ecommerce channels, information is consistent, regardless of where it is viewed.

Integrate and adapt UIs to the look and feel of each sales channel, so your customers get a seamless journey with a consistent brand experience.

With Configit's patented Virtual Tabulation® technology, all of your sales channels (partners, dealers, re-sellers, and direct) work from the same, error-free data. One shared source of truth = zero configuration errors.

5 - 15% increase in win rates

Right price - Every time

Configuration errors not only erode your profit margin by taking losses from incorrect price calculations, but create a negative customer experience.

Configit ensures your configuration is complete, so you can calculate pricing based on accurate data that takes all necessary parts of the product into consideration.

By re-using your product and pricing data from your back-end systems, you create correct configurations with accurate pricing that can be validated prior to deploying to downstream sales channels.

up to 30% increase in quote accuracy

Customer Story: Viessmann

Learn how Viessmann empowered its global partner network using a Configit Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales solution


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