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10 Factors Driving Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

  • Smart, connected products are the fastest growing category of new products. They’re forcing manufacturers to transform to keep growing digitally. The following ten factors are driving the digital transformation of manufacturers today and in the future:
  • Digitally enabled s ... Read more

Smart, Connected Products Need Digital Transformation To Succeed

McKinsey & Company recently interviewed indu ... Read more

Why Cutting Colors Won’t Solve Tesla’s Problem

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Creating New Digital Manufacturing Businesses To Drive More Growth

In a recent conversation with the CEO of a machinery manufacturer the topic of digital transformation came up. He and his team choose to look at digital transformation through the lens of the customer first and prioritize the processes most impacting them. “It forced us to realize that we’d allowed our CRM, PLM ... Read more

Next generation Configuration with SAP using Shell KMAT

In these instances, we advocate for the Shell KMAT approach. You can keep all the product information in SAP as you do today but use a different tool to write the configuration logic.

In other words, you can keep all the information regarding characteristics and values. You can keep BOM and Pricing, Work ... Read more

Why Every Manufacturer Needs Digital Transformation To Grow

Manufacturing is the world’s most data-prolific industry and a quick analysis of the myriad of data produced just this year validate five key factors fueling digital transformation industry-wide. The five factors driving digital transformation include the following: becoming coll ... Read more

How Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Today

  • It’s the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that track customer-facing process improvement and new business model success that matter most and have the potential to revolutionize their entire companies. The study found that manufa ... Read more

How PLM Is Revolutionizing Discrete Manufacturing

Of PLM’s many roles in manufacturing, the integration of product design, production, quality, service and supplier integration are key. These are the areas where PLM is having the greatest impact on revolutionizing discrete manufacturing today:

  • Integrating materials and product research int ... Read more

The State Of PLM In The Automotive Industry

Across all industries, manufacturers are projected to spend $18B on PLM software and services this year. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are the majority of the market as more suppliers are being provided with CAD drawings and access to design systems earlier in the new product development.
Additio ... Read more

PLM | Manufacturers’ Secret To High Performance

Capgemini found that high-performing manufacturers excel at developing, launching and selling smart, connected products at a rate that outdistances their peers. Today, 25% of high performing manufacturers’ product portfolios are smart, connected products, compared to 19.5% of their counterparts. High performers ... Read more