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10 Reasons Why CLM Is Driving Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation

High growth manufacturers only integrate systems if they’re going to enable a new business initiative, strategy or streamline an existing one. During lunch with one of the CEOs and their team who leads the aftermarket automotive parts supplier, the subject of new business models came up along w ... Read more

Digitally Transforming Manufacturing Only Excels When Customers Win

High-growth manufacturers are very selective about the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) they choose. They’re very focused on how to strengthen their companies with a customer-centric view of product customization and quality. One CEO of a Midwestern U.S. manufacturer during a foll ... Read more

How CLM Is Digitally Transforming Manufacturing

Tracking cost reductions generated from digital optimization efforts are easy to sell to any CEO and board of directors because they promise and deliver results that make an impact on financial performance.  Manufacturers are excelling at digital transformation start by optimizing every aspect ... Read more

Digitally Transforming Every Customer’s Experience To Excellence

With the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, products can provide real-time updates on their health, usage, and success in meeting customer needs. For the first time, manufacturers can create a real-time, rich data stream of the customer feedback they can act on immediately to improve the cu ... Read more

10 Factors Driving Digital Transformation In Manufacturing

Smart, connected products are the fastest growing category of new products. They’re forcing manufacturers to transform to keep growing digitally. The following ten factors are driving the digital transformation of manufacturers today and in the future: Digitally enabled supply chains designed ... Read more

Smart, Connected Products Need Digital Transformation To Succeed

McKinsey & Company recently interviewed industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers regarding their current and future IIoT platform plans. When asked what the most important factors are in selecting an IIoT platform, senior manufacturing executives listed the following: Standardized ... Read more

Why Cutting Colors Won’t Solve Tesla’s Problem

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Creating New Digital Manufacturing Businesses To Drive More Growth

In a recent conversation with the CEO of a machinery manufacturer the topic of digital transformation came up. He and his team choose to look at digital transformation through the lens of the customer first and prioritize the processes most impacting them. “It forced us to realize that we’d all ... Read more

Next generation Configuration with SAP using Shell KMAT

In these instances, we advocate for the Shell KMAT approach. You can keep all the product information in SAP as you do today but use a different tool to write the configuration logic. In other words, you can keep all the information regarding characteristics and values. You can keep BOM and Pri ... Read more

Why Every Manufacturer Needs Digital Transformation To Grow

Manufacturing is the world’s most data-prolific industry and a quick analysis of the myriad of data produced just this year validate five key factors fueling digital transformation industry-wide. The five factors driving digital transformation include the following: becoming collaborators in cr ... Read more