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NEWS: Configit & Unity Partner
CLM Unity Model

Unity adds Configit as a Partner

As a Unity Verified Solutions Partner (VSP), Configit customers can bring their complex products to life in an immersive 3D experience.

Portrait of Jos Voskuil <br>and<br> Henrik Hulgaard
Jos Voskuil
Henrik Hulgaard
PLM Green Global Alliance and Configit
Achieving Real Sustainable Manufacturing Through PLM and Configuration Lifecycle Management
December 9th, 2021, 4 p.m. CET/10 a.m. EST
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Competition Begins at the Configurator

Meeting complex and varied customer requirements across worldwide markets is one of the key challenges facing every global manufacturer. With Configit’s Enterprise Product Configurator, you create one shared view of the product configurations you offer that can be used throughout the enterprise.

With a structured release cycle process, including powerful validation and quality assurance, your new product updates are quickly released to your internal functions and to the external market.

Using this solution, our customers create highly configurable products while reducing the time from product design, to sales, to manufacturing by up to 92%.

Re-use, enrich and share your PLM data

Your product definitions are valuable. This data was developed over years, by hundreds of your employees. Don’t throw away this investment by re-entering the information into yet another system. Configit’s solution can use your existing data as it is, and enrich it with additional rules for downstream consumption.

Eliminate handover errors

Manual processes are always open to error. Information being passed from one function to another can be incomplete or misunderstood. By automating the transfer, updating and aligning of product definitions, your organization can innovate at scale.

Better, faster, smarter

By having one single source of truth, marketing, sales and engineering teams share the same information when developing and selling a product. With one configuration model containing all rules and data, engineers can start a new product, or make updates to an existing one, faster and more accurately while ensuring the validity of specifications and saving resources.

How we are different

  • Enterprise-wide rule management

    Align your entire organization with correct configuration data by integrating engineering-side and sell-side systems into one centralized source of configuration truth. This ensures that only a fully valid set of rules is released to downstream systems, resulting in dramatic improvements in time to market.
  • Superior quality and performance with Virtual Tabulation®

    With Virtual Tabulation®, you have a product configurator you can use throughout the enterprise to share configuration knowledge. By computing the full solution space, you can identify parts that will never be used, reducing your engineering and manufacturing costs.
  • Aligned Sales and Engineering product definitions

    Avoid over- and under-engineering of your products by combining engineering’s view, with sales and marketing’s view on what variants should be offered, creating an aligned product definition.

Integrations made easy

Working in collaboration with partners, we can integrate to your front- and back-end systems, including the leading enterprise solutions from PTC, Dassault Systemes, Siemens PLM, and Solidworks.
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