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Untranslatable and irreplaceable.


Respecting the individuality of others while also promoting a sense of democratic togetherness is a distinguishing trait of Danish culture. Accordingly, ensuring the individual employee is actively involved, and creating a valued, interdisciplinary team spirit across flat organisational structures is a distinguishing trait of our workplace culture. In Denmark, we use the word ‘Hygge’ to describe the special feel-good factor in the community. ‘Hygge’ characterises us and is the key to our success.


That was yesterday. We always have the future.


Close cooperation with globally active industrial customers who use market-leading ERP, CRM and PLM programs has turned us into an industry leader within the shortest space of time. This success emboldens us to stay focused on research and development and continue building a strong technology platform. We are not concerned about our future – we just actively shape it in our best interests. If you value both exciting and secure job prospects, then we look forward to receiving your application.


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