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Software or consulting business?

A unique combination!


Academic research and an entrepreneurial approach to business go hand in hand at Configit. Our task is to make the diverse range of modern products manageable from a technical and commercial perspective. We develop software solutions that allow the consumer to combine products on a needs basis and the business owner to plan production processes that can be precisely calculated.

Roots and growth.

An extraordinary evolution.


Configit was founded in 2000 by IT specialists and university professors from Denmark. Our head office can still be found in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, our regional offices are scattered across three continents and six countries so that we can provide local support for notable industrial companies (specialising in machinery and plant engineering, medical technology and the manufacture of vehicles). Our offices in Copenhagen, Warwick, Düsseldorf/Cologne and Atlanta are currently expanding and are looking for you if you are a combination of a free-thinking personality and down-to-earth team player.


What we are looking for