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Frequently Asked Questions


Course and Certification

Q: Can I choose which course I want to obtain my certification level in?

A: Each certification level requires a certain number of completed courses consisting of both mandatory and optional competency courses in the product. In addition, some competencies can be selected at your own choice across the Configit portfolio.


Certification Time Limits

Q: Are there any time limits for completing a certification program?

A: No, you can obtain the certification level at your own pace.


Certification in Multiple Products

Q: Is it possible to obtain certification in more than one Configit product?

A: Yes, you can obtain Configit certification in all products.


Course Requirements

Q: What skills are needed for the course?

A: Each course level has specific mandatory and optional course parameters.  Please review each course description for requirements.


Course Pre-requisites

Q: What should I bring to the course?

A: Each course description contains specifics in what to bring. Generally speaking, each participant should have their laptop and administrator rights to install software. However, we recommend that necessary software be downloaded prior to course attendance.


Number of Participants per Course

Q: How many participants can attend a scheduled Academy course?

A: There is no set limit to class size, however there is a minimum requirement of at least three registered participants for a course to proceed.


Number of Instructors per Course

Q: How many instructors will facilitate scheduled Academy courses?

A: Normally, one instructor will facilitate the course. With a larger participation number an additional instructor will be assigned.


Price per Course

Q: What is the price for attending a scheduled Academy course?

A: A scheduled course costs EUR 600/day per participant.



Q: Once I’ve found the course I want to take, how do I enroll in it?

A: Please click the “Sign up” button on this page and fill in the sign up form with the required information. Shortly after, you will receive a course confirmation.


Difficulty Finding Time / Location

Q: I cannot find a time/location that fits my schedule – what should I do?

A: Configit Academy can conduct client courses on requests as well. Please contact Academy to make any special requests by clicking “Contact Configit Academy” below.



Q: I am currently registered for a course, when will I receive a bill?

A: The invoice for the course has been sent to the person entered in the sign-up form “billing” section. When the invoice has been paid a course confirmation will be sent.



Q: What happens if I cannot attend after signing up?

A: All courses are pre-paid. Refunds are not possible, however if there is a need to reschedule, participants must reschedule one month prior to the initial scheduled course time. Please contact Academy to reschedule.  There is no cost to reschedule.


Practical Details

Q: When do I get all the practical course details?

A: After signing up, you will receive a course confirmation with all practical details. An additional course update will come a week prior to your scheduled course.


Course Completion

Q: When will I receive my course results?

A: The last module in each Academy course is a multiple choice assessment. You will receive your test results (and diploma when applicable) within two weeks of course completion.


Certification Diploma

Q: When do I get my certification?

A: You will receive an official certification diploma from Configit when you have completed the mandatory requirements from the desired certification level.


Additional Information

Q: If I want more information or have unanswered questions, where should I direct my questions?

A: You are always welcome to contact us for any additional information. Please click “Contact Configit Academy” below.

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