Configit's patented Virtual Tabulation® configuration technology provides the tool for reducing product variant complexity through intelligent choices. This enables Configit Quote® and Configit Ace® software to solve the configuration problem once, delivering significant improvements in how solutions are created, maintained, deployed, and used. A complete end-to-end solution that couples a state-of-the-art configuration rule authoring environment with the world’s most powerful configuration engine.

Know your Solution Space

With a complete view of how many product variations exist within your product line-up, you can start to restrict or eliminate those combinations that are either too expensive to produce, or are so rarely sold that maintaining components, parts, schematics and drawings doesn’t make sense.

By placing certain parameters on your Solution Space, you will start to see which of your product variations fall inside or outside of being Buildable, Orderable or Sellable.

By knowing which of your vehicle combinations provide the most profit, you can make informed decisions when streamlining offerings to optimize your business operations.

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Configit - Quote
CPQ software with friendly UI for offline, laptops and tablets.
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Configit - Ace
Enterprise application for authoring all configuration aspects of configurable products in a single model.

Jaguar Land Rover case story

Learn how Jaguar Land Rover replaced legacy systems with a platform for future business initiatives using Configit Ace.
Jaguar Land Rover case story 2018 cover


Anonymous Case Study by Nucleus Research

One of the world’s largest capital equipment companies deployed Configit to streamline its product configuration processes resulting in increased lead capture through a customer-facing configurator.
Nucleus Research, May 2017

CLM in The Automotive Industry

The increasing demand for more feature rich vehicles with a high degree of configurable options has many OEMs and their suppliers finding themselves constrained by old configuration management methodologies, supporting technologies, and Information Technology (IT) systems.
CIMdata, April 2018

A Powerful Approach to Managing Complex Configuration

CIMdata’s review of Configit’s approach in solving problems associated with today’s top-down configuration methodology.
CIMdata, Jan 2006