Supply Chain Disruptions Affect Both Your Customers and Your Bottom Line
A recent report shows that automotive manufacturers are expected to lose $210 billion due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips alone.

Faced with the looming prospect of losing new customers while also being unable to service existing customers, manufacturers need to not only survive the short-term acute effects of supply chain disruptions, but also create a plan for future supply chain resiliency.

Develop Supply Chain Resilience Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Approach

Because Configuration Lifecycle Management offers transparency on your product definitions and configurations, you can react quickly in the face of shortages and delays.

By creating a single source of configuration truth, you can quickly and easily see when and where specific parts or components are used in your existing product range.

Once identified, you can instantly ‘shut off’ those options, thereby preventing any new orders for products you can’t manufacture.

Using the Solution Space of CLM, you can also easily identify alternatives, allowing you to not only avoid wrong orders but keep orders coming in. Ensuring you maintain sales and a positive brand image while continuing to provide a good customer experience.

Use Case: Jaguar Land Rover —
How CLM Helps Jaguar Land Rover Minimize Production Risks


With a global shortage of semiconductor chips, due to the global pandemic and the growth of software-enabled products, Jaguar Land Rover needed to quickly adjust their current offerings to avoid selling products they could not produce, while also keeping schedule of their planned launch of their new Range Rover Sport.


Using a Configuration Lifecycle Management approach, Jaguar Land Rover was able to adjust to the global semiconductor shortage by managing the visibility of products and features using the Configit Ace® Orderability function.


— Complete visibility of products and features
— Steering customers towards available product configuration thus securing sales
— Full control of components and options throughout the customer-buying process
— Accurate and efficient processing of order variables and product components
— Ability to operate in an agile way

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