Configuration Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit 2021

Cross-Functional Collaboration as a Catalyst for Growth

May 17-18, 2021

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Virtual Summit 2021

Responding and adapting to changing market dynamics is essential for manufacturers to stay relevant to their customers. In today’s manufacturing business, this requires breaking down data silos and functional bottlenecks to accelerate product development and enable exceptional customer experience.

This Virtual Summit will focus on how you can break down these silos, create and collaborate on a single source of the truth through the product configuration lifecycle management, creating a strong engine for growth. In three tracks, including dedicated tracks with a Sales and Engineering focus, you will hear keynotes from experts, use cases from leading manufacturers, and in-depth discussions.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit 2021.

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Speaker Highlights

“What’s really interesting is getting perspectives on how to approach the digital transformation journey and where to start that journey... because, for many companies, that is a huge challenge.”

CLM Summit 2019 Attendee

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Why Attend?

Hear leading manufacturers, peers and experts share successes and insights on how a cross-functional Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach can accelerate product development and create an exceptional customer experience.

Configuration Lifecycle Management for the Enterprise

Cross-Functional Collaboration as a Catalyst for Growth

May 17, 14.30 - 18.00 CEST | 8.30 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. EDT

How and why are leading industrial manufacturers focusing on automating their cross-functional collaboration through Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

This year’s Virtual Summit features speakers from PwC, Philips, Demant, Jaguar Land Rover, and more discussing the value of a single source of configuration truth across the enterprise.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales

Enhance CPQ with Enterprise Configuration Management to Reduce Time to Market and Optimize Customer Experience

May 18, 9.30 - 12.35 CEST
Recorded session for US attendees

Market faster. Sell more.

This was the promise of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ). But today’s complex products require a more robust change and configuration management process that guarantees a seamless transition from quote to order.

In this track, you will hear industry leaders from Accenture, Arçelik, Unity, Viessmann, and Krone discuss how enhancing CPQ with Enterprise Configuration Management reduces time to market, accelerates sales cycles and optimizes customer experience.

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Configuration Lifecycle Management for Engineering

Leverage PLM with a Cross-Functional Configuration Platform to Create a More Efficient BOM Process

May 18, 14.30 - 17.45 CEST | 8.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. EDT

Defining product structure, managing configuration rules between products and across solutions, and understanding the interactions of options and components in complex products is a challenging process.

In this track, speakers from Vestas and Infosys will be addressing how leveraging your existing PLM system with Enterprise Product Configuration creates a powerful set of tools for defining, managing, and analyzing product configuration rules, empowering engineers to make faster, more effective design decisions.

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