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Get complex products to market faster with Configit’s enterprise-grade configuration platform.

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About Configit Ace®

Meeting complex and varied customer requirements across worldwide markets is one of the key challenges facing every global manufacturer.

Configit Ace® is an intuitive and efficient software platform for aligning the product offering from engineering and sales to manufacturing and service, ensuring your entire organization has the correct configuration data.

Configit Ace® is available as a cloud service or as an on-premises installation. 


How we are different

  • Truly collaborative workflow

    Using branching and version controls, Configit Ace® enables product modelers from multiple enterprise functions to work together. Configuration rule administrators in engineering, marketing, manufacturing and service can focus exclusively on their own content, while intuitive conflict handling helps ensure that only a fully valid set of rules is released to downstream systems, resulting in dramatic improvements in time to market.
  • Powerfully agile

    Configit Ace® handles large scale models with thousands of rules and configuration options using a declarative product modeling language powered by Virtual Tabulation®. This patented technology enables enterprises to do more with their product configuration data and be more agile in their approach to their markets.
  • Single source of truth

    Ensure that the entire organization has the correct configuration data they need by integrating supply-side and sell-side systems. With Configit Ace®, you create a single, centralized source of configuration truth for enterprise-wide configuration management.

How to Conquer Complexity with Configit Ace®

Get this Brochure to learn more about our vendor agnostic Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, Configit Ace®. Discover the complexity challenges it helps your organization address, how to get started, and the value it can bring to engineering, sales, manufacturing, and post-sales/service departments.
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Configit Ace® Enables a Phased Approach with Immediate Value

Configit Ace® provides up-to-date, reliable product configuration information that brings value to multiple departments. At the same time, Configit Ace® addresses specific challenges in each department allowing a phased introduction and expansion to ultimately enable
cross-functional collaboration on challenges and opportunities.

Getting Started with Configit Ace®

Get started with Configit Ace® by addressing specific needs that provide immediate value and fast ROI.

Build product models for configuration and analysis without programming skills​

Gain insights into products and portfolios by identifying issues with existing models and rules

Build interactive product configurators with immediate validation of configurations

Scale product configuration capabilities of existing systems supporting complex products​

Enable Configure-To-Order process and reduce engineering support by automating configuration

Integration APIs

Configit Integration APIs are a set of comprehensive APIs that makes it easy to create applications and solutions for Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) using Configit Ace®. These APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate applications and solutions from Configit’s Technology Partners, utilize existing data sources, or create solutions using third-party software. This includes APIs that allow implementation partners to develop and integrate applications with Configit Ace® for use in Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Service, and Manufacturing functions. The open architecture of Configit Ace® allows for endless possibilities to add features and functionalities to create powerful, new CLM solutions - all based on a single source of configuration truth orchestrated from Configit Ace®.
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Configit Ace® Product Sheets

Product Sheet

Get a full overview of Configit Ace® capabilities for modelers, content managers, designers, and application developers.

API Product Sheet

Learn about the capabilities and operations of each API and the APIs developers can use in workflows and jobs-to-be-done.

Ace Solutions

Powered by Virtual Tabulation®, Configit Ace® can handle your largest product models quickly and easily, with no compromise on quality.

A high performance, scalable configuration engine, Configit Ace® supports multiple platforms (including Windows, Linux and mobile).
With built in flexibility, Ace can combine configuration and pricing data from your external sources, including SAP VC rules and pricing, and rules from your PLM or legacy systems.

Ace in Configuration Lifecycle Management

Innovate, or get left behind. The speed of business is accelerating year over year, and keeping up just isn’t good enough.

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) aligns every business function that touches a configured product to one single source of truth. This end-to-end configuration is powered by Configit Ace®.

As the enabler of the CLM vision, Ace provides the tools for your company to define a master set of data and rules across your entire ecosystem. The result is faster time to market with higher quality products, engineered at lower costs.

Learn more about how Configit Ace® can be the catalyst for your CLM journey.

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