Configit Ace®

Use Case - Analyze Existing Models

Understand and Refine Your Solution Space with Configit Ace®

The Challenge

The product model and rules allow far too many combinations and configurations leading to an over-engineered product and potentially large inventory costs.

Difficult to get an overview of which combinations are most important.

The Solution

Refine Rules to Manage Portfolio

By refining rules and analyzing the resultant Solution Space, it is possible to manage the validity and availability of specific configurations.

This ensures that the right configurations are offered to the right customers and markets.

The Benefits of Using Configit Ace®

Analyze Portfolio and Gain Insight

Configit Ace® Verify allows all valid combinations of specified features to be exported as a “Solution Space”.

Key Capabilities

Get overview of product configurations and refine rules to manage portfolio
Understand which combinations are valid across markets and within specific markets

analyze existing models

See it in Configit Ace®

Analyze Existing Models – Gain Insight into Product Models and Portfolios by Identifying Issues and Indications for Optimization

Watch Jesper Blak Møller, Director System Architecture at Configit, demostrate how Configit Ace® provides built-in testing capabilities, including debugging functionality with intuitive user guidance, used when analyzing and validating existing product models to identify potential issues and gain insight for optimizations.

Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2023

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