Configit Ace®

Use Case - Build Product Configurator

Build Configurators Based on Existing Models with Configit Ace® Rules Reuse

The Challenge

When an organization needs to migrate older products or products from a new subsidiary to existing applications it can be difficult to support quickly.

Large repositories can be stored in legacy systems that are not easily integrated.

The Solution

Convert to VT™ Packages

By converting existing models to Virtual Tabulation® storage using the Rules Reuse package, the same Configit Ace® platform can be used to build the configurator.

Over time, new models can be built for the existing products in Configit Ace® Model.

The Benefits of Using Configit Ace®

Build Configurators with Configit Ace® Configure

Configit Ace® provides a Package Builder tool for converting and storing existing product models as Virtual Tabulation® packages.

Key Capabilities

Reuse existing models and rules to build product configurators
Allow configurators to be quickly created based on existing information

build configurators using rules reuse package

See it in Configit Ace®

Build Product Configurators – How to Build a Fast, Responsive and Reliable Product Configurator

Watch Jens Ellebæk, Consulting Offerings Manager in Professional Services at Configit, demostrate how Configit Ace® can not only verify whether an existing configuration is valid or not, but also can explain why the configuration is invalid and which rules are in conflict and features affected.

Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2023

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