Configit Ace®

Use Case - Scale Existing Systems

Scale outside the System to Meet Demands with Configit Ace®

The Challenge

Size and complexity of complex product configurations challenge traditional systems who need to scale to support them.

This can be difficult to achieve efficiently and leads to higher costs for the customer.

The Solution

Scale with Configit Ace®

Configit Ace® is designed for large-scale complex product configurations and can easily scale to meet demands.

By relying on Configit Ace® as the single-source-of-truth on product configuration information other systems no longer need to scale.

The Benefits of Using Configit Ace®

Scale Configuration Capabilities with Configit Ace®

Configit Ace® is designed specifically for this challenge and can help existing systems scale to meet requirements.

Key Capabilities

Existing systems can struggle to manage the size and complexity of modern product models
Rely on Configit Ace® as the single-source-of-truth on configuration information

scale configuration capabilities with configit ace

See it in Configit Ace®

Improve Existing Systems – Scale the Configuration Capabilities in Your Current Systems

Watch Sigrún Ívarsdóttir, Product Manager at Configit, demostrate how Configit Ace® is specifically designed to meet the challenge that existing PLM, ERP, and CRM/CPQ systems struggle with – Effectively scaling to meet the ever-increasing size and complexity of product models.

Video recorded during the Configuration Lifecycle Management Summit 2023

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