Krone + Configit

A Single Source of Truth as the Foundation for Efficient Configuration Processes

We were able to break up existing data silos and introduce a company-wide, integrated configuration process.
This helps us minimize expensive duplication of work."

Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn, CIO & CDO, KRONE Commercial Vehicles SE

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    Enterprise Product Configurator
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    Werlte, Germany

Solution and Business Value

Krone, a leading European manufacturer of trailers and agricultural machinery, produces tarpaulin semi-trailers, trailers for special transport requirements such as refrigerated, dry, or fresh goods transport, as well as swap systems and container chassis. Following several mergers and acquisitions, Krone has expanded its internal network, opening several new markets with specific requirements.

To achieve profitable growth, the company began in 2015 to convert its entire business model from individual contracted manufacturing to a modular strategy, enabling it to produce customer-specific products according to a cost-effective and scalable configure-to-order (CTO) method.

With the requirement for a new solution to increase cost efficiencies and reduce time to market, while also producing more than 60,000 units per year based on complex customer requirements, Krone established a large-scale project to create a first-class configuration management solution.

Working with Configit, Krone set out to consolidate the existing isolated data siloes into a uniform central knowledge database using Configit’s Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution, powered by Virtual Tabulation® (VT™) technology.

Based on characteristics such as physical dimensions, transport weight, transported goods, and other customer-specific criteria, this new configurator combines the correct modules and creates parts lists and work plans, material requirements, and even production processes. In addition, the new configurator calculates and analyzes all possible product combinations, allowing Krone to manage product variants and optimize their offerings.

The result is a single source of configuration truth that reduces manual efforts, eliminates configuration errors, and scales and expands with growth.
krone trailers

With the Virtual Tabulation® technology, we are able to efficiently analyze the solution space of our trailer models and thereby further optimize our product range."

Lorenz Weiss, Bereichsleiter Konstruktion & Entwicklung, Prokurist, KRONE Commercial Vehicles SE

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