Vestas + Configit

Meeting Market and Customer Demands with a Collaborative Configuration Platform

The key benefits to us were efficiency, and based on the Configit solution were able to make a sales configuration in just 5 minutes, instead of 60."

Henry Farrell, Head of Digital Commercial - Digital Solutions Organization, Vestas

Meeting Market & Customer Demands with a Collaborative Configuration Platform

  • Solution used

    Sales Configurator
  • Industry

    Renewable Energy
  • Headquarters

    Aarhus, Denmark

About Vestas and Their Challenge

The global leader in sustainable energy solutions, Vestas manages a fleet of over 56,000 wind turbines. With +169 GW of wind turbines installed in 88 countries, Vestas’ sustainable energy solutions have already prevented 1.9 billion tonnes³ of CO₂ being emitted into the atmosphere and contributed to a more sustainable energy system. In addition, Vestas works with the development of power plants for onshore and offshore wind, storage systems, Power-to-X, and tailoring products to meet customer and market demands.

Vestas faced growing product complexity and a scalability challenge around the setup of their systems and data. With their core products having a high complexity with many hundreds of options, Vestas’ key product data was managed in multiple systems. They were relying on a few expert people, manual processes and workarounds which came with a high risk. The result was a slower time to market along with a high risk of errors and configuration inaccuracies.

Vestas has been going through a large-scale modularization project, during which time they have achieved full transparency of their product portfolio. Today, Vestas has a collaborative configuration platform, allowing them to combine their commercial, engineering and technical rules together to streamline and enhance their configuration process.
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Solution and Business Value

With their technical configuration rules in PTC Windchill, as well as configurable BoMs, Vestas has an interface to SAP, which allows them to enrich cost data and relevant vendor data around the world. At the center of their architecture, they have their commercial configuration rules and regional market rules in the configuration environment, powered by Configit Ace® technology.

Their new sales configurator, powered by Configit’s configuration platform, provides their sales organization with guided selling, allowing them to compare different configurations within the configuration space, re-using customized configurations between projects.

Vestas experienced greater efficiency, with sales configurations being created in five minutes, compared with the 60 minutes it used to take. They can now support many more product variations with the same resources, validate 100% of the BoM, and a faster time to market for introducing new products into the configurator.

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