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Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a business built on two distinguished car brands. Jaguar manufactures one of the world’s premier brands in luxury sports automobiles and Land Rover is the world-renowned manufacturer of premium 4x4s.

A key component to the successful management of modern automotive businesses is the ability to configure vehicles from the early design phases through to ordering, delivery and maintenance.

After a thorough evaluation of the offerings in the configuration marketplace, JLR selected Configit to be their strategic partner for developing an enterprise-wide configuration management system that supports all phases of the JLR product lifecycle.

Configit Ace: Enterprise-Wide Configuration Management

The partnership between Configit and JLR resulted in the development of a new standard platform for configuration management in automotive manufacturing; Configit Ace.

Configit Ace replaces a range of legacy systems, providing a single platform for all authoring of product configuration intent and execution of configuration solves. Configit Ace is the first product of its kind on the enterprise software market.

For additional information about Configit and Jaguar Land Rover, please read the press release or contact David Jobling (Warwick office) on +44 333 088 0001 or



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