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Automotive manufacturers that have adopted a Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approach are delivering more vehicles, faster, at greater profit margins while exceeding customer expectations.
Industry Disruptions and Misaligned Data Affecting Production
Electric vehicle companies experience some unique hurdles to fast production times. Shortages of electronic components, lithium batteries and raw materials can create a glut of orders with few cars rolling off the assembly line.

But it’s not just how they are made that is creating this situation, but how the’re sold.

The trend of car buying is rapidly shifting to 100% online, which means those manufacturers whose product, pricing and engineering data is already aligned on the production side are not only providing better user experience, but are also a step ahead of the competition.

Align Data Across Functions to Deliver Error-free Vehicles Faster

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) takes product configuration data from each function within an organization – Engineering, Sales, Manufacturing and Service – validates every possible configuration, and then feeds this data back in a compact, fast, easily-accessed file.

By sharing this data source throughout an organization, every function works from the same, 100% accurate data.

The result is an engineer can’t create a new product that can’t be manufactured, a sales person can’t sell a product that can’t be engineered, manufacturing won’t receive an order that can’t be fulfilled, and service will have an accurate presentation of the installed base for efficient and profitable maintenance.

For your customers, this means a smooth, frictionless transaction from order to delivery with no back-and-forth correcting errors or mis-configurations.




More Vehicles, Lower Costs and Satisfied Customers With CLM

For electric vehicle manufacturers, this digital thread created by CLM delivers value not only through faster product development, but also by creating the digital backbone of an external-facing sales configurator.

Because every function has already been aligned, manufacturers are able to quickly deploy a sales portal that is based on 100% accurate data.

For manufacturers, this means they can start to offer their product for sale as soon as they have created them.

For customers, this means a seamless ordering experience that guides them to the best available product that suits their individual needs.

Configit Solutions Are Trusted by the World’s Largest Manufacturing Companies

Customer Case: Geely Auto - How CLM Helps Geely Produce New Vehicles Faster


Build a Vehicle Configurator Platform that includes manufacturing, engineering and sales rules to support Geely’s development of an intuitive and efficient platform to align their product offerings.


Working with Configit, Geely developed and launched a customer-facing sales configurator for their new Zeekr model in under three months.


Enabling customers to fully configure their new vehicle on an intuitive app is helping Geely navigate the competitive electric vehicle industry by bringing new models to market faster with zero configuration errors.

“Until now we tried this with some of the big platform configurator solutions from the ERP and PLM space. But Configit is the only player in the product configuration management market with both a deep understanding of the automotive manufacturing sector and a market-leading product with the power to help Zeekr change the world of mobility.”

Liu Hao, Zeekr Vice President

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