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All products in the Configit software suite are based on the patented configuration technology Virtual Tabulation. Virtual Tabulation solves the difficult part of the configuration problem once, where traditional approaches solve it over and over again. Because of this key difference, Configit offers significant improvements in the way you create, maintain, deploy and use configurators.

Configit Software Suite and Application Areas:
Virtual Tabulatin overview explaining how the configuration technology fits in the enterprise software landscape

Enabling Configuration Technology

The technology developed by Configit allows complex configurations to take place on the Internet, as well as a vast number of new business areas that were unavailable until now.

Configit’s software handles huge product models with billions of possible and correct combinations. Models are compiled into a compact data structure, called a VT file. The VT-file holds all possible legal product combinations but typically only takes up a few kilobytes. This file can then be embedded in industrial or manufacturing equipment, allowing correct, fast and cost-effective implementation or installation or delivering superior performance and user guidance in stand-alone or online configurator applications.


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