Scalable and Fast
CPQ for Complex Products
with Salesforce CPQ and Configit Ace®

Enhance your Salesforce investment with the
world’s most powerful configuration platform
Supercharge Your CPQ with a Powerful Configurator
A ‘one size fits most’ philosophy of configurators just won’t work for complex, configurable products.

Mass customization, embedded software and after-sales service are just a few of the recent additions to configuration parameters. When your product can have up to 10 x 1021 possible combinations, it’s time for something more powerful.

By combining Salesforce CPQ with the power, speed and scale of the configuration platform Configit Ace®, it is now possible to implement Configure Price Quote (CPQ) processes for even the most complex products using a scalable, responsive solution.

Key Benefits

100% valid quotes

Integrating Configit Ace® with Salesforce CPQ enables sales teams to configure and validate product configurations quickly, secure in the knowledge that any option provided is available and can be delivered to the customer.

Fast response time

Validation is immediate. Virtual Tabulation® technology calculates all legal product combinations once, making that information available offline. This means that each choice being made while preparing a quote is a simple look up of information, rather than a full recalculation of the entire data set. No more time wasted waiting for the system to respond.

Automated data synchronization

Virtual Tabulation® compiles all possible product configurations and can automatically update this information without the need for re-calculations.

Sell your newest products

Because Configit Ace® connects all functions within your organization, your newest product developments and updates can be available to sales faster.

Bring Your Own Configurator

Salesforce is the go-to software for sales professionals.

While Salesforce’s CPQ module is a great CPQ product for many companies, manufacturers of complex products need a more powerful product configurator to not only manage thousands of product configuration options but provide a fast validation of a specific configuration.

By operating with a “bring your own configurator” (BYOC) concept, integrating an external product configurator, such as Configit Ace®, to the Salesforce CPQ solution provides more power and speed than configurator that comes standard with Salesforce CPQ.

Open Platform

Configit Ace® is an open product configuration platform that allows for easy integration to Salesforce as well as other enterprise software solutions.

Designed to support engineering, manufacturing and service organizations, in addition to sales, Configit Ace® provides a common, single-source-of-truth for end-to-end product configuration options across multiple brands and models.

Scalable and Fast CPQ for Complex Products with Salesforce CPQ and Configit Ace®

Learn how Configit Ace® can integrate with your Salesforce CPQ, and the key benefits.
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