How to Accelerate BOM Generation from Weeks to Seconds

Presented by Anders Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Developer, Configit

Customization and personalization can no longer be considered new trends and can even be considered an expectation from many B2B as well as B2C customers. Nevertheless, they still pose challenges to manufacturers, especially with respect to how quickly they respond to requests for quotation from customers.

This challenge is best highlighted by Request for Quote (RFQ) response times that often take weeks, requiring a great deal of manual engineering work to ensure that a specified configuration from the customer can be used to filter the Configurable Bill of Materials (cBOM) selection conditions and generate a valid 100% BOM to be offered back to the customer.

In this Tech Talk, Anders Rasmussen, Senior Principal Software Developer at Configit, walks through the complexity challenges that engineers face with cBOMs and how product models and Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) approaches can be used to address these challenges.

In addition, you will learn more about:

  • Configurable BOMs (cBOMs) and where they are used
  • How cBOMs are designed
  • Leveraging product model approaches for more efficient cBOM design and usage
  • How cBOMs can be solved in seconds
  • Additional challenges that can be addressed
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