Portrait of Damantha Boteju
Tech Talk
Damantha Boteju
Chief Technology and Product Officer
Establishing the Unique “Digital Configuration Thread” with CLM and Configit Ace®
February 28th, 2024, 4:00 p.m. CET | 10:00 a.m. EST
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With an increasing number of sales channels, manufacturers using vendor specific configurators in each channel are struggling to keep up when adding new products or updating existing ones. These vendor specific configurators are tailored to the individual sales channel, requiring duplicative data management, and are unable to scale to meet growing market and customer demands.

By using a no-code solution, manufacturers can develop a composable product configurator that enables them to manage one configurator on the back end that supplies data for multiple configurators on the front end quickly and accurately.

A no-code composable product configurator enables development teams to focus on more technical tasks, leaving front end tasks such as UI and UX to power users without the need for a coding or programming background. And because composable product configurators are vendor agnostic, rather than part of a proprietary CPQ system, they easily integrate to other systems, such as web-based configurators, partner portals, and more, making configuration data easily accessible across the organization and beyond.

In this Tech Talk, Heiko Markgraf, Manager, Sales Engineering and Michiel Roosen, Sales Engineer at Configit, demonstrate how leveraging a no-code composable product configurator avoids bottlenecks and errors while improving technical agility, speed, and efficiency.

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