Enhance the “C” in Your CPQ Solution

Presented by Michiel Roosen, Sales Engineer, Configit

The “C” (Configuration) part of a standard CPQ system is struggling to keep up with the complexity of modern products and the growing demand for personalization and self-service.

In an attempt to manage this complexity, manufacturers often replace their existing CPQ with a new one, with the hope that a different product or vendor will be better able to manage their data. The result is a proliferation of configurators from not only CPQ systems, but also PLM, ERP, and home-grown solutions, scattered throughout the organization.

Maintaining this configuration data in multiple systems is resource-intensive, prone to errors, and results in slow response times leading to lost sales opportunities and low customer satisfaction.

There is a better way.

Hear Michiel Roosen, Sales Engineer at Configit, explain how you can strengthen the “C” in a standard CPQ with a vendor agnostic configuration solution that provides the scale and insight manufacturers need to succeed handling the increasing product complexity and customer requirements.

Michiel explores the past and future of CPQ and explains how its proliferation has led to data silos and made it challenging for manufacturers to have a unified view of their product configuration data.

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