Consolidate, Compile, Consume: The Three Steps to a Shared Source of Configuration Truth

Presented by Peter Tiedemann, Product Manager, Configit

Managing customizable products is a challenge. In addition to thousands of variants and configuration options in hardware, software and services, there are also logistical and commercial options that can be selected.

However, all these options are defined in different systems in isolation for specific products. For companies with complex product portfolios, multiple brands and divisions, there can be hundreds of systems with product models, BOMs and pricing models that need to be synchronized and validated to ensure customers can order a product at the right price that can be delivered.

In this Tech Talk, Peter Tiedemann, Product Manager at Configit, showcases new capabilities in Configit Ace® that enable customers to consolidate product models, BOMs and pricing models from different systems and compile them as Virtual Tabulation® packages in Ace. This provides a common format for all configuration information, the ability to synchronize, verify and validate this information so that end users are only presented with choices that are valid, and advanced analytics that can help optimize product portfolios.

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