Why a Unified Configuration Solution Can Scale Your Engineering Process

CLM Summit 2022 presentation by
Lakshminarayanan C
Industry Principal, Infosys Limited, Infosys

With demand for enterprise integration and customized product offerings increasing, engineering has to sync with configuration lifecycle management concepts. Product complexity is increased due to digitized products with embedded technology, Servitization / Products-as-a-Service and more as well as a transformation from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order and product modularization. This has pushed the engineering function to its limits. The PLM systems are rapidly evolving to keep up and the product configuration for many still contains a lot of manual handovers and disconnected processes.

But how do you manage this complexity and automate processes to increase the engineering productivity and bring back valuable time for engineers to innovate?

It can only be successful if engineering adapts to an enterprise-wide, cross-functional ecosystem of configuration data based on integrated digital thread. This presentation will stress how a strong Configuration Lifecycle Management process is a key enabler for the digital transformation of the digital thread in engineering functions. It will be explained how Configuration Lifecycle Management addresses the core of orchestrating and providing a unified configuration solution to respond better to growing customer demands and minimize the risk of configuration errors, and at the same time increase the engineering productivity.