Enhancing the Digital Buyer Journey for Dealers and Customers

Amber Cawthorne
Customer Experience Architect and Digital Development Manager, Caterpillar
Mattia Pontacolone
CEO, Coolshop

For over 50 years, FG Wilson generator sets have been trusted to provide essential power to a wide range of applications globally. Today, FG Wilson is part of Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division, with multiple locations around the globe.

As part of a larger 5-year road map to digitally transform the customer journey, FG Wilson began implementing a new digital inventory platform called EasyPower. This online ecommerce retail experience began as a proof-of-concept to address customer pain points, including the time-consuming process to find stock availability, get pricing information and compare quotes.

What began as an inventory management and reservation tracking platform has been advanced and currently transformed into a tool that allows customers to easily size their generator sets, view stock, pricing and place reservations. Today, EasyPower is live with numerous dealers across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.