Customer Keynote: The Art of the Possible – Why Emerson Chose CLM to Accelerate Their Digital Transformation

CLM Summit 2023 presentation by
Ted Doering
Chief Digital Officer, Emerson
Myla Romero
Director of Information Technology, PLM and Configurator Services, Emerson

Architecting a digital transformation project for a company as large as Emerson required a radical shift in thinking. With business objectives including improving product portfolio management capabilities, decreasing costs of model maintenance and support while improving speed and performance, the Emerson team understood that a powerful, vendor agnostic end-to-end configurator would be a key enabler.

Hear from Ted Doering, Chief Digital Officer and Myla Romero, Director of Information Technology, PLM and Configurator Services at Emerson on how the Configit Ace® platform drove the decision to partner with Configit and why Configit Ace® has brought so much buzz and excitement to Emerson.

As a strategic element of Emerson’s digital transformation project, this next-gen configurator platform has removed the barriers and restrictions that hindered their growth, encouraging their internal stakeholders and customers to imagine new possibilities that were not previously possible.

Learn about Emerson’s:

– Previous business pain points
– Key successes and considerations
– Achieved and anticipated business benefits