Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) and PLM Together Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation

CLM Summit 2021 presentation by
Jens Nullmeyer,
Associate Vice President, Germany Manufacturing Europe, Infosys

Product configuration is a critical cross-functional topic as all departments from engineering to manufacturing, marketing, sales and service, require reliable and up-to-date product configuration information in order to execute their tasks quickly, accurately and efficiently.

By integrating Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with all of the functions that touch a product, from Sales to Marketing to Manufacturing, you can create an enterprise ecosystem focused on the digitalized end-to-end configuration lifecycle management process.

This presentation covers why Configuration Lifecycle Management is an important complementary technology to PLM, creating an ecosystem to scale and deliver instant validation of product configuration options, driving better choices in the digital transformation journey with more reliable and profitable solutions to meet growing customer demands, minimize the risk of errors and get products to market faster.