Keynote: The Future of B2B Manufacturers – How to Win the Digital Transformation Game

CLM Summit 2023 presentation by
Raghavendra K.A.
VP and Global Head of Core, IOT and Digital Product Engineering, Infosys

The beginning of this decade is influenced by immense economic uncertainty for B2B manufacturing industries. Be it the energy crisis, the pandemic or geo-political and supply chain instabilities, the common denominator is the challenge of successfully leading companies by setting priorities based on intelligent data-driven decision making and digitalized processes to stay competitive.

Digital transformation is still a top priority for B2B manufacturers, due in large part to changing buying behavior. Today’s B2B buyers expect to be able to customize products to their need. In order to get in control of this increasing product complexity, manufacturers need greater transparency across the value chain.To master this growing complexity in processes, products and services,companies need to operate cross-functionally based on a robust integrated end-to-end process. Formerly fragmented enterprise architectures need to be redesigned to break down data silos and enable a continuous digital thread of product and configuration data.

The key to a successful transformation therefore lies in the intelligent combination and use of all relevant business systems to establish a platform-driven, responsive organization that leverages intelligence capabilities for more data-driven decision making.

In this keynote, Raghavendra K.A., VP and Global Head of Core, IOT and Digital Product Engineering, Infosys, will cover important trends and factors influencing digital transformation.

He will specifically cover:

– Latest industry trends and challenges for B2B manufacturers
– How to approach Digital transformation?
– How Configit Ace CLM concepts is helping our customers

This keynote will carve out fields of actions and recommendations how management can respond best to the disruptive market dynamics of today and what it is important to implementing a true end-to-end process that will accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.