How to Leverage PLM with Configuration Lifecycle Management to Create a Single Source of the Truth

CLM Summit 2021 presentation by
Henrik Hulgaard
Founder and CTO, Configit

Managing the growth in product complexity is often the major hurdle in implementing a digital transformation initiative.

While many manufacturers look to scale their PLM systems to accommodate this influx of product configuration data, they are basing this strategy on the assumption that product configuration complexity is solely an engineering concern.

In fact, product configuration is a cross-functional concern, as all departments from engineering to manufacturing, marketing, sales and service require reliable, up-to-date product configuration information in order to successfully execute their tasks.

In this presentation, Henrik Hulgaard will explain how adding an ‘intelligence layer’ using Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) to your PLM system will make it easier to manage product variants, provide stronger rule management, and optimize Bill of Material (BOM) testing.