How a Global Configuration Platform Helps Decrease Time to Market and Improve Sales Effectivity

CLM Summit 2023 presentation by
Rajat Bhattacharya
Digital Commerce Leader, Electrification, ABB

With a complex internal supply chain, a distributed IT landscape containing multiple ERP systems, and different eCommerce channels keeping configuration rules and data in sync from the engineering and manufacturing units to the sales teams and customers around the world was very challenging for ABB Electrification division.

Multiple legacy configuration technologies in the engineering and manufacturing units made it difficult to build efficient, valid, and correct configurators in front-end organizations for sales. The result was unaligned workflows, time-consuming quotations and order processes, and too many costly errors.

Working with Configit’s CLM solutions, ABB now provides web-based, responsive sales configuration tools for its products and applications.

By establishing a global configuration platform from which they could build front-end configurators for local sales units in multiple countries, ABB experiences benefits including savings from reduced efforts related to BOM creation and BOM error corrections, increased productivity, less manual work, and increased expanded customer self-service.