How CMCO Grew Their Omnichannel Sales Using a Centralized CPQ Solution

Columbus McKinnon (CMCO), a global leader in intelligent motion solutions, launched a customized CPQ solution in 2016 called Compass. Since then, CMCO has continued to optimize and expand their solution, including embedding Compass inside their CPQ portal allowing users to add non-configurable parts to their cart, including spare parts, or already configured components.

Previously using phone orders from paper catalogues, today Compass generates 4,000 quotes per month from CMCO’s distributors alone. In addition to expanding the reach of Compass, users of the solution can now configure products, see pending orders, track existing orders, file a claim, and more, all within the Compass tool.

Hear John Vander Linden, Director of Digital Customer Experience at Columbus McKinnon, discuss the business benefits CMCO has achieved, and lessons learned along the way, as well as a live demonstration of the portal using typical use cases.