Achieving Real Sustainable Manufacturing through PLM and Configuration Lifecycle Management

Jos Voskuil
PLM Business Consultant and Co-founder, PLM Green Global Alliance
Henrik Hulgaard
Chief Technology Officer, Configit

Nearly 30% of all global CO2 emissions come from the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers are feeling increasing pressure from customers, governments, and shareholders to develop a sustainability plan for themselves and the products they design, manufacture, sell, and service.

For many of these companies, most of the tools they need are already available in their enterprise tech stack. But how and where should they begin?

In this webinar, Jos and Henrik discuss sustainability topics, including:
  • Multi-layered scope of environmental impacts
  • PLM concepts and ‘Sustainable Design’ – the future
  • Configuration Lifecycle Management and ‘2Green Choices’ – what we can do now
  • How to get started