Configuration Lifecycle
Management –
A Game Changer in Manufacturing

CLM Summit 2022 presentation by
Henrik Reif Andersen
Founder and CSO, Configit

For the past 20 years, Henrik Reif Andersen has helped global enterprises not only unlock deeper enterprise-wide product configuration and process knowledge, but also experience tangible business impact. As a founder of Configit, and originator of Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), Henrik Reif has witnessed the business impact Configuration Lifecycle Management brings to B2B manufacturing enterprises.

By consolidating the product configuration processes that are often scattered throughout the functional silos of a company, Configuration Lifecycle Management leverages existing IT investments such as ERP, PLM, and CRM to create an intelligence layer on the product configuration process that delivers a quantifiable impact on the business performance.

In this presentation, Henrik Reif will present key use-cases that demonstrate how manufacturing enterprises have optimized their businesses by connecting their product configuration process across functions, achieving revenue growth through shorter time-to-market, cost savings through increased efficiency and risk mitigation by elimination of configuration errors.