Get Started with CLM – How to Master Complexity with an End-to-End Configuration Process Facilitating Operational Efficiency and Shorter Time to Market

CLM Summit 2023 presentation by
Jochen-Thomas Morr
Partner, Digital Operations, R&D, PwC

PwC views Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) as a top priority for global B2B manufacturing companies with complex products to stay competitive. With today’s economic downturn and workforce shortages, B2B manufacturers are under pressure to lower costs and increase operational efficiency across the organization.

As an efficient and scalable approach for providing reliable, up-to-date product configuration data, CLM enhances sales, engineering, manufacturing and service solutions based on a seamlessly integrated CLM-PLM-ERP backbone. But the true value of CLM is providing an enterprise-wide platform for cross-functional collaboration that breaks down IT silos to not only digitally transform the organization but also make it more agile and responsive to rapidly changing market requirements.

In this presentation, Jochen-Thomas Morr, Partner, Digital Operations & R&D at PwC, will explain how CLM consolidates configuration processes that are often scattered throughout the functional silos of a company to create quantifiable business results. Jochen-Thomas will provide actionable insights on how to leverage existing IT investments to accelerate product lifecycles and shorten time-to-market, as well as a blueprint on how and where to start a CLM project to gain the quickest return.