Case: Signify –
Increasing Operational Excellence and Customer Experience With a SaaS Sales Configuration Solution

CLM Summit 2022 presentation by
Steven Hoppenbrouwers IT Architect – Market to Order Signify
Ralf de Greef Tribe Lead M2O Sales Signify

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world’s largest lighting company specializing in complex lighting installations for large sites such as football stadiums, concert venues and office complexes. Signify began their Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) journey back in 2016, starting as a CPQ project that evolved into a SaaS sales configuration solution to increase operational excellence and improve their customer journey.

In this presentation, Ralf de Greef and Steven Hoppenbrouwers will present this SaaS sales configuration solution including the Guided Selling functionalities, and their future plans on creating a unified company-wide modeling platform based on Configit Ace, to smoothen the cross-functional collaboration between their Engineering and Sales teams.