The Benefits of a Single Source for Product Master Data

Hearing aid manufacturer Demant knew their data was a strategic asset. They also knew they were experiencing too many order errors resulting in a high number of customer call backs to fix. Working with Configit and Solution Space, Demant created a single source of truth for product data that supports a structured, online order system with the ability to handle exponential increases in variants and support for mass customization. Today, Demant’s Enterprise Product Data Services system is used by Production, R&D, Business Intelligence, Quality, Marketing and more.

In this webinar, Jonas Skov Pedersen, Manager, Product Master Data Development, presents Demant’s journey from inconsistent data across domains to one global process for handling and maintaining product master data, while Troels Kjærgaard Christensen, Product Owner and Business Innovation Manager, presents the digital asset management process, including DAT tagging syntax, digital product experience and PIM.