How to Turn Your Customer Experience into a Competitive Advantage with 3D Visualization

CLM Summit 2021 presentation by
Jerome Maurey-Delaunay
Senior Technical Specialist, Industry, Unity

The customer experience is essential in today’s competitive market. The ability to speed up the decision process, convincing shoppers to become buyers, is very much dependent on the customers’ experience. The challenge lies, however, in the time, effort, and resources needed to create captivating marketing experiences from 3D product data that can provide a unique customer experience.

Unity helps innovative companies across the automotive, transportation and manufacturing sectors in reimagining how they bring products to life with real-time 3D technology.

In this presentation, you will get examples of how to make it easy to get 3D data ready for marketing so you can showcase your products with interactive, real-time 3D product configurators, images, and more.

Learn how you can turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage using 3D real time visualization.