Improving Sales Productivity with Guided Selling Powered
by VT® Technology

CLM Summit 2022 presentation by
Heiko Markgraf
Manager, Technical Presales Engineer, Configit

In the world of complex, configurable products, the guidance through the configuration process is key to both the customer experience and speeding up the sales process. This is particularly important for public websites or webshops where the guidance of the product selection and configuration process influences the buying decision of the customer. The result can be the difference between the customer finding the right product and hitting the Ask For Quote” or “Add to Cart” button, or leaving and staying “anonymous.”

In this session, we will step back and look at how you can improve your user experience and guidance in the configuration process to ensure not only increasing sales, but mitigating the risk of losing leads on your website, with the “out of the box” functionalities a modern configuration engine powered by Virtual Tabulation® technology can offer, without any extra effort in modeling or maintenance.

Configit Manager, Technical Presales Engineer Heiko Markgraf, will show how standard features in a configurator can be used to effectively improve user guidance, as well as:

— How to improve user experience and user efficiency
— How to achieve enhanced guiding for sales and other end-users throughout the configuration process
— How concepts like conflict solving and exclusion of features create better results