CPQ as the Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Join Steffen Honold
Global Digital Product Manager CPQ, AGCO
Raghunandan Bhat
Account Manager, Infosys

AGCO, a leading global player and innovation leader in the AgriTechnology industry, implemented a Digital Transformation journey for their customers, dealers, and internal stakeholders with the goal of improving dealer and customer relationships through an enhanced and more efficient user experience.

The “Digital Customer Experience Program” comprises a best-in-class, cloud-based CPQ solution, a state-of-the-art CRM system, and data analytics for both their dealers and internal AGCO users. By integrating portals for dealers and customers, as well as integrations to legacy systems, AGCO was able to simplify the dealer process and achieve faster and more reliable offers for customers.

This webinar also includes discussion of the overall role of configurators in digitalization, what steps can be taken once the first step of a digital transformation journey is achieved, and how this enables organizations to improve multiple downstream processes, and better predict manufacturing and delivery time.