Meet dynamic customer demands with collaborative end-to-end configuration

Joseph Anderson
President, IpX
Henrik Reif Andersen
Chief Strategy Officer, Configit

Joseph Anderson, President of IpX, experts in process excellence and digital transformation, and Henrik Reif Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer at Configit, leaders in Configuration Lifecycle Management, discuss how customer demands for increased personalization of products puts manufacturers under pressure, especially in times of disruption.

To speed up the collaborative process, a “single-source-of-truth” across system boundaries is essential for end-to-end manufacturing processes.

To achieve this, organizations should leverage an enterprise configurator to ensure configurations are correct from all perspectives - engineering, sales, and manufacturing.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Why you need an end-to-end enterprise product configurator even though you already have an e.g. a PLM, CRM or ERP system
  • How aligning business functions to one single source of truth delivers tangible benefits
  • Why collaborative rule management is critical to manufacturing companies
  • And how these strategies can help form a runway for your digital transformation initiatives