Configit Ace® – 2021 Release 1 (R1)

Configit Ace® - 2021 Release 1 (R1)

With a continued focus on delivering benefits for customers, Configit is pleased to announce the release of Configit Ace® version 5.7 for general availability.

On this page you can read more about the details of this release.

Configit Ace® is Configit’s enterprise-grade configuration platform. This release contains several new integration capabilities that solidify Configit Ace®’s position as a strong backbone for end-to-end configuration solutions.

This release includes new features and enhanced capabilities including:

  • Combining SAP pricing with Ace® modelling
  • Importing data from external databases as table rules in Ace®
  • A new REST-based API for querying and creating data in Ace® Model
  • Configuring complex products in Salesforce CPQ with Configit Ace®
  • A solution accelerator for creating visualization of 3D CAD models from Autodesk Inventor

To learn more about these new features and enhanced capabilities, see the relevant section below .

Functionality to Combine SAP Pricing with Ace® Modeling

For companies with data in SAP, this functionality provides capabilities for product modelers to link their configuration models authored in Configit Ace® with pricing data authored in SAP. Through powerful modeling functionalities such as quality assurance, versioning, and collaboration, the user benefits from better quality data for the configuration solution.

Using a fully declarative modelling style to author product models for configurable products in Ace® is easier and more intuitive than using variant configuration in SAP LO-VC.

Configit Ace® can also be used as the system for maintaining configuration logic. The Ace® configuration logic can be executed together with pricing and BOM-generation from SAP.

With this new feature, you can now maintain pricing definitions and logic in SAP, and easily combine it with modelling data authored in Ace®. This enables you to create accurate configurations of your products, using the benefits of VTTM technology, combined with SAP pricing. This feature adds additional functionality to support the extraction and execution of SAP pricing and configuration data outside SAP.

To learn more about how engineers and product modelers can benefit from this feature, contact Configit, or reach out to your contact in Configit sales.

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Import Data from External Databases as Table Rules in Ace®

Maintaining large amounts of product data in external systems, while also wanting to import data from other systems, can become a challenge.

The new table editor provides in-product functionality to import data rules, while at the same timekeeping external data sources external in native environments, so you can keep working with the necessary functionalities for managing your data.

Easily handle tabular data by reusing your data, importing thousands of data rows into Configit Ace®. Customers can include data from an SQL database (e.g. MSSQL Server) for the importing and exporting of data.

To learn more about how to import large amounts of rules into Configit Ace®, please contact us.

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A New Configit Ace® Platform API That Is REST-Based API
for Querying and Creating Data in Ace® Model

Digitization is important for customers to stay ahead of the competition and sharpen their future offerings. When digitizing, the need to combine data into a single source of truth from multiple systems can be challenging.

With the latest API from Configit, customers can quickly and easily get data into and out of Configit Ace®, allowing you to create your single source of truth in Configit Ace®. This also allows our growing partner community and customers to build quality solutions tailored to specific needs.

As the API is built on modern standards, solutions are fast, stable and secure, empowering partners to maintain their integrations themselves without shortening response times to market needs.

Solutions built with this latest API will continue to work when the APIs are upgraded to newer versions. With the new Configit modeling API, you can easily read the features and families in Ace® Model and import data for creating new features and families in Configit Ace®. This API can be used to synchronize features and families between, for example, a PLM system and Configit Ace®.

The API is RESTful with resource-oriented URLs and uses standard HTTP verbs and response codes. Request and response bodies are encoded in JSON, and the Model API uses API keys for authentication.

Learn more, please contact Configit sales team.

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Configuration for Complex Products in Salesforce CPQ with Configit Ace®

How do you combine the market’s strongest configuration engine with the leading CRM tool from Salesforce to create a strong CPQ experience?

With Configit Ace® as an external configurator, you can go beyond what Salesforce CPQ can do in the native environment.

CPQ tools are important when offering products to the market. When creating quotes, configuration is often a difficult task, particularly when the products are complex and have complex rules.

Salesforce is the market leading CPQ tool, as noted by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant. While Salesforce has a strong CPQ tool, Configit has a strong configuration engine. This new update combines these two leading applications with one plugin within Salesforce.

When you configure complex products in Salesforce based on the correct data from Configit Ace®, you avoid the common risks and errors associated with quoting complex, configurable products.

In addition, users gain insight and transparency into what is configurable, orderable and sellable.

Learn how you can benefit from a smooth user journey in Salesforce while supporting configurable products with Configit Ace®.

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A Solution Accelerator for Creating Visualization
of 3D CAD Models from Autodesk Inventor

More and more, companies are realizing they need to add visually appealing feedback into the configuration process, or risk losing out to the competition. With this latest solution accelerator from Configit, you can enable your 3D model of configurable products from Autodesk Inventor to your websites and dealer portals in combination with a product configurator.

Configit offers free sample code and a whitepaper describing how you can get your Autodesk 3D models visualized.

To get started, download the whitepaper or contact Configit to access the sample code.

For support from Autodesk, please see available resources at Autodesk Forge.

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Want More Info?

If you already have a Configit Ace® solution, please reach out to your account manager or contact us to understand how to upgrade and get access to Configit Ace® Enterprise.

If you do not yet have Configit Ace® please visit the Configit Ace® page or contact us to learn more about Configit Ace® and the benefits for your organization.