System-Level Integration

May 2022 Product Release

Richer API Integration

Configit Ace® Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) already provide full Create Read Update and Delete (CRUD) control from other IT systems via a reliable, stable interface. This capability is now extended to the system-level allowing both product-level and system-level modeling and validation via Configit Ace® APIs.

The latest Configit Ace® release also introduces new capabilities that make integration easier, with the possibility to be notified when changes occur leading to fewer errors and reliable, up-to-date configuration information across all IT systems.

New Configit Ace® notification support ensures that subscribing IT systems are updated when data is available so that they can update their information or check that existing configurations are still valid. Notifications are provided to indicate changes to the data in the Configit Ace® Model, such as the introduction of a new feature to a product model. It is possible to specify a number of endpoints to receive notifications that can be delivered using AMQP and MQTT standards as well as Redis and the HTTP protocol.

Configit Ace® interfaces now support TypeScript to enable stronger data type declaration and validation. Now, interfaces can be implemented in a more reliable and type-safe manner leading to fewer implementation errors.

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