System-Level Modeling

May 2022 Product Release

Reduce Cost, Time and Errors

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions have been successfully used to model the complex rules and constraints that govern millions of product configurations. However, modeling the complex rules and constraints that define how systems of inter-dependent products, components or sub-systems can be combined has proven a challenge. Until now.

Configit Ace® now provides a complete system-level modeling solution that allows both complex multi-level products and systems to be modeled efficiently. Customers can now model complex systems in the same manner as they model products today capturing complex technical and commercial rules governing how system components can be combined.​

Now customers can implement a complete Configure-to-Order (CTO) process without the need for engineering support for system-level design including adaptations based on new input and other dynamic changes.​

Configit Ace® provides the same reliable system-level Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and performance that customers already leverage in their solutions today for product-level configuration.​

reduce cost time errors
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