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Damantha Boteju
Chief Technology and Product Officer
Establishing the Unique “Digital Configuration Thread” with CLM and Configit Ace®
February 28th, 2024, 4:00 p.m. CET | 10:00 a.m. EST
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Configuration Access Anywhere

Configit Ace® Configuration Lifecycle Managemnt (CLM) solutions are based on Virtual Tabulation® technology. Virtual Tabulation® compiles every possible product- and system-level configuration and compresses them into a compact, portable file. This makes configuration queries fast, but also enables offline configuration, even for system-level solutions.​

Many system-level projects involve on-site presence in what can be remote areas with limited long-distance communication. For example, building a new cement factory, a mining plant, dairy milking parlor etc. All of these projects require system-level solution design and can often require multiple updates to the solutions as the project progresses.

With Configit Ace® offline configuration support, it is possible to build design and sales tools that run on portable devices with Virtual Tabulation® files onboard. This allows product configurations to be configured offline in the field without the need for Internet connectivity.

Updates of the offline information can be automatically downloaded once an Internet connection is available. For this, Configit Ace® provides a C# client library.

The C# client library allows stand-alone application developers to embed offline synchronization support into the application, which can be beneficial for portable devices.

systems level offline configuration
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