Consolidate Your Configuration Infrastructure

June 2024 Product Release:
Consolidate, compile and consume product models and configuration data on a ​shared-source-of-truth available to any user, at any location at any time.​

A SaaS Shared-Source-of-Truth for Enterprise-Wide Configuration Data​​

The latest release of Configit Ace® enables disconnected configuration data across the enterprise to be ​
consolidated and consumed as a secure, system-agnostic SaaS service.

Compile Product Models from Existing Systems​

Consolidate product variant and configuration models from existing systems and ​compile as Virtual Tabulation® packages using new
Smart Compile Service and API

Optimize Product Model Compilation

Optimize product model and rules to ensure fast compilation to Virtual Tabulation® packages ​based on benchmark performance feedback from
Smart Compile Metrics

Support Most Complex Models and Rules

Take advantage of Virtual Tabulation® compilation to provide high-performance with zero errors for even the most complex models and rules with​
Richer System-Level Rules

Analyze Existing Product Models and Rules​

Analyze all configuration rules from different product models to ensure consistency, completeness and efficiency with
Solution Space​ Compare
& Combine Analysis

Control Migration to ​New Capabilities​​

Leverage new Configit Ace® capabilities via secure and reliable APIs when you need them and according to your
development plan thanks to
API Versioning Support

Consume with Control Using Policy-Based Access​

Enable consumption of compiled models by​ any system anywhere with policy-based system and user access control based on
IGA OIDC Support

Key Benefits

many-to-many integrations

Avoid ​duplication of configuration data

Avoid inconsistency​ errors

error-free​ configuration​​

Avoid ​

secure audited access

Consolidate, Compile and Consume Configurations​

New capabilities in Configit Ace® enhance the power and value of a CLM (Configuration Lifecycle Management) approach.

New Smart Compile Service and API​

— Compile models from other systems using Compile API
— Convert product models to common product model format 
— Only changes are compiled reducing time and cost

New Smart Compile Metrics​

— Understand your compilation and runtime performance with metrics
— Enables modelers to improve product models and rules
— Run benchmarks to predict configurator response time performance

Richer System Level Rules​

— Import most complex system-level models​
— Enable CTO and reuse with modular product architectures​
— Refer to individual sub-models and iteratively apply rules

Compare and Combine Solution Space Analysis​

— Analyze filtered valid configurations for a product model​
— Compare solution spaces for models to see differences​
— Combine solution space filtered results for more analysis

API Versioning Support​

— Refer to specific version of API ​
— Enables users to plan when to support new API capabilities​
— Fallback to a known good implementation if issues arise

Identity Governance and Administration OIDC Support​

— Configit Ace® now supports Open ID Connect (OIDC)​
— Enables support of policy-based access control using IGA​
— Use IGA to manage access lifecycle and audit reporting

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Configit Ace® API Product​ Sheet​
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