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End-to-End Configuration Lifecycle Management Integration

November 2021 Product Release:
Access the power of Configuration Lifecycle Management through stable, reliable and secure APIs

New Features Make Configuration Lifecycle Management
Integration Easier, Faster and More Efficient

Cross-functional collaboration requires seamless end-to-end integration from product design to manufacturing, sales and service.

With the November 2021 release of Configit Ace® and Configit Quote®, highly-complex product configuration data can be instantly shared and synchronized with any application, enabling manufacturers to launch products faster, with lower overall costs, and fewer errors.

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New Configit Ace® and Configit Quote® Features

Access The Full Power of
Configuration Lifecycle Management From Any Application

Configit Ace® and Configit Quote® APIs are now more powerful and accessible than ever.

Configit APIs provide full control with CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) capabilities with up to three times faster response time for complex product models.

Configit Ace® is now more powerful than ever supporting built-in calculations for complex product model attributes, such as pricing, technical calculations and product codes.

The new Solution Space API allows applications to access the total sum of all available product combinations providing key insight into most sold, most profitable, and least used product combinations.

Configit Quote® can now be hosted on Linux containers reducing operating costs by 50%.

Linux containers are a popular alternative to Windows as Configit Quote® performance can be improved by up to 120%.

Stable, Reliable and Secure APIs

Configit Ace® and Configit Quote® provide rich APIs that allow seamless Configuration Lifecycle Management integration with PLM, CAD, MES/MRP and CRM systems as well as custom dedicated applications.

The APIs are designed to be backward compatible enabling fast integration of future features and capabilities.

Based on open REST or GraphQL interfaces, the APIs provide reliable responses in real-time while also ensuring high levels of security that are essential to successful end-to-end Configuration Lifecycle Management integration.


Explore the Possibilities with Our New Features

Complete Model API

A REST API that provides full control with create, read, update and delete capabilities. Configit Ace® product models can be queried and updated through the REST API allowing users to incorporate Configuration Lifecycle Management product model information in their engineering, manufacturing, sales or service systems. This means that product models no longer need to be defined manually in Configit Ace® but can be defined and manipulated through the API.

Solution Space API

The Solution Space is a unique capability available in Configit Ace® that can now be accessed via a REST API as well as the user interface of Configit Ace®. The API provides full control and manipulation similar to operating directly with the user interface. Now, the power and insight of Solution Space can be made available to other systems, such as PLM, ERP, CRM or other applications that need a product configurator.

Built-in Model Calculations

Configit Ace® now supports built-in calculated families as an integrated part of the product model. Calculated families can be defined using arithmetic operators (plus, minus, multiplication, division) and logical operators (and, or, not), or a sequence of statements with expressions, assignment to local variables and control flow (if-then-else). For product modelers, it means that all necessary rules and calculations relating to the product model can be defined and viewed in one place.

Faster Response Time

Response time is critical to the overall Configuration Lifecycle Management experience. The latest improvements in Configit Ace® ensure response times in the range of 1 to 1.25 seconds depending on the complexity of the product model.

Complete Quote API

The new Configit Quote® GraphQL API that provides full control with create, read, update and delete capabilities. This makes it possible to perform all the quotation actions needed through the API, such as creating a quote, adding quote lines, adding a configurable product, and more advanced operations. This allows existing system environments, such as ERP and CRM systems, as well as dedicated sales tools to seamlessly integrate CPQ functionality into their work processes.

Reduction in Operating Cost

Configit Quote® can now be hosted on Linux containers rather than Windows containers and test results show that this provides a significant improvement in both cost and performance. Average response times saw a 72% reduction with a 120% improvement in the number of requests made at a cost per month, which is 49% lower than equivalent Windows container options.

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