Faster CLM Post-sales Maintenance and Support

November 2022 Product Release

Explaining Invalid Configurations

The Challenge

With Configit Ace®, it is possible to validate configurations as they are being built, such as in sales configuration applications, or an entire configuration at once. In both cases, invalid choices and configurations are indicated, but it can be difficult to determine why the choice or configuration is invalid.

How We Address It

Configit Ace® now provides an API that can provide information on the rules and constraints that have been violated leading to the invalid configuration. It can also indicate the origin of the rule, which can be useful when rules and constraints have been imported from other systems.

For applications like sales configuration tools, this can provide more information to customers using the tool on why their choice cannot be supported.​

When used in combination with the Minimal Conflict Set API, it can provide information on why the conflicting feature is causing an invalid configuration.

The Benefits

This can help maintenance and service technicians to quickly understand what is wrong and how to rectify it so that the configuration can again be made valid.

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