Faster CLM Integration and Validation

November 2022 Product Release

Highlighting API Changes

The Challenge

Configit Ace® enables 1,000s of product models to be defined allowing Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) over multiple product variants and versions. However, this is a lot of information that needs to be synchronized with other systems.​

When systems like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are integrated with Configit Ace®, they use REST APIs to access the repository of product models in Configit Ace®. When changes occur, these systems need to be updated. Reloading the entire product model repository is time consuming and inefficient when only a few product models have been changed.​

How We Address It

With the latest release of Configit Ace®, a new API is provided that enables downstream integrated systems to query changes made in the Configit Ace® product model repository. The user can either request all changes or request changes made in a specific set of product models. The API responds with a list of product models and the product model structures that have been added, changed or deleted compared to the version of the information in the system. It can show how the product model structures have changed from one version to the next.​​

The Benefits

This enables faster and more efficient updates of information in downstream systems as product models evolve over time.

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