Faster CLM Integration and Validation

November 2022 Product Release

SAP Pricing Integration and Validation

The Challenge

Configit Ace® provides strong integration to SAP supporting manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales processes. Information, like pricing, is available to developers in Configit Ace® as they develop product model rules and constraints as well as applications that rely on product configuration.

One of the issues that can occur during development of an application using a product configurator is that the information required, such as pricing information from SAP, is not available. In these circumstances, it can be difficult to debug where the issue might be. For instance, is it the application, the API to Configit Ace® or is it because the SAP pricing information is not available in Configit Ace®?

How We Address It

Configit Ace® now includes SAP prices, models and rules in the Configit Ace® Verify module enabling developers to confirm that SAP prices and rules are present and up to date in Configit Ace®. This helps isolate the issues to the integration or the application.

The Benefits

This will accelerate integration and development of applications using product configurators by making debug efforts significantly easier.

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